I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with weightlifting and singing. I personally sing and do some screams in my band, and I've noticed a significant reduction in my range and quality of my vocal tone on days that I lift.

I've read up a bit on this online and seen alot of different conflicting info, and was wondering if any of you guys have any knowledge in this area.
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i dont see how the two would be connected. i work out regularly and havent noticed and problems singing. i dont scream though. i would think working out would improve your singing. you would have better lungs and probably wouldnt get tired as easy.
You're muscles are probably tired, especially your diaphgram. I would say in the long run it probably helps you though, as you'll have better endurance and capacity.
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I figured it out, for anybody who's interested.

I read that workouts that work the muscles in your neck can affect your voice, so I decided to experiment. On days that I did lifts like bench press and shoulder shrugs my voice sucked, but on days where I did stuff like squats or abs it was normal. Cardio didn't really affect it either. So there ya go, or, there I go.
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That's an understandable thing, because recently I've been taking weights in school, and my vocal range has completely dropped. I scream, and my throat doesn't want to squeeze out the scream (giggity xD)
But I have no clue on this one man, but i have to say that it is something probable and possible.
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What I find a bit concerning here is that, if you're singing correctly, the muscles in your neck should be entirely relaxed. If you're having difficulty relaxing them as a result of strenuous exercise, that could explain it. If your neck muscles are tired and not able to "support" your voice the way you're used to singing, then that means you need to learn how to sing properly.

In general, your voice is as healthy as your body and mind. If your body and mind are healthy, then your voice should be too. Physical activity and working out are probably going to be of benefit to your voice in the bigger picture.

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