I have an Eminence Delta 12 here, and I thought it would probably sound better in my guitar combo than the one that's in there. Both are 8ohms.

When I hook up this speaker though, there is no sound at all. I've had ripped cones or just speakers that sound crackly for no obvious reason, but never one that does nothing so this is new to me. I put the old speaker back in and it works fine.

I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting this speaker since everything looks clean and like new, though the history of this speaker is unclear. Thoughts?
That's a trip.

I cannot think of a single reason why a speaker wouldn't work if hooked up properly.

It sounds like you know what you are doing so don't kill me when I ask "was it hooked up properly?"

is there a switch to go to External Speaker Out that got bumped maybe
Well I believe I understand the basics, but I'm not a pro or anything. There is no external speaker switch. I even tried reversing the polarity just out of bewilderment, but, dead silence in either case.
That's wierd. Faulty speaker maybe?
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Like I said, the history of this speaker is unknown. My room mate had it in a box in the garage and thinks a previous room mate may have left it because he doesn't recall where he got that particular speaker. I figured it was an awfully nice speaker to toss if the problem be sussed out.
Reversing polarity doesn't sound good but you said you put the old speaker back in and it works. :scratchheadface:

Maybe the dealie (forget what it is called) that actually makes contact with the cone is busted off. Otherwise, it is just a magnet and some paper - not much that can go wrong.
I give the wires that go into the cone a light tug and they seem secure but I guess I'd open it up and take a look if that's possible.... never replaced a cone or anything before.
Personally - I would just take it to someone who knows more about speakers than we do and possibly try this speaker in another cab/amp. As long as the rating fits. Reversing polarity and tugging on things won't fix anything.

Is this a 112 or 212? What is the wattage of said Emi? Do the speaker wires clip on or solder? Is the speaker then wired directly to amp or is the 1/4" jack it plugs into?
It's a 112. The Delta is 400 watts @ 8ohms, which is about 4 times the wattage of the speaker it's replacing. I figured that shouldn't be a problem other than making the amp a bit heavier. The ultimate goal is of course to fix it, but right now I'm tugging things and such for the sake of troubleshooting.

The speaker wires slide onto stems that are soldered to the wires that go into the cone, and I can see that the speaker has been used before because there is some scoring on the stems I didn't use. It is wired to the amp itself, and there is nothing coming out of the amp except for those two speaker wires and a power cord... All of which work since the stock speaker is doing fine.
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