I have a a standard MIM Telecaster and I want to remove the lipstick (neck) pickup and put a humbucker in there. My question is: Will there be enough room in the body to do that? Obviously, I'll have to get a pickguard that will hold a humbucker, but will I have to carve a bigger opening at the neck position to fit the humbucker or will it fit? Thanks!
according to google images, and what I remember from lookign under my friend's MIM tele's pickguard, you'll need to route underneath the pickguard to fit a humbucker.

want to know for sure?

take the pickguard off yours
Shoot, I was afraid of that...Thanks for the replies.

Anyone know how much it'd cost to have a luthier or technician do a very minimal route job?
you'd probably find it much cheaper to take it to a local woodwoorking place, for something like that.
routing for the humbucker really isn't any different than routing a cavity in 'normal' wood, and I think in most cases, any woodshop is probably gonna charge you less than a luthier

..that being said, I have no idea what they charge..
theres no harm in making some calls to luthiers and shops to find out what they'll charge, though. thats your best bet
Hey, just my opinion, what about a humbucker in single coil size? I mean, would that possible to use?
An Augmented 4th or a Diminished 5th?

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It's still need routing most likely - the lipstick pickup is smaller than a standard single coil.