Can this be a direct swap?

I have a MTM2 w/ EMG ZW's and I was wondering if I can just swap the m w/ Blackouts AHB-3 the new Mick SD's?

The pots are 25k and they have quick connects?

I think you should be able to, the Blackouts utilise the quick connect system that EMG pickups use off the top of my head so it should just be a simple disconnect and reconnect to get the new pickups in.
Ya that what I am thinking....Assuming that the wires are the same! Pots should be ok at 25k

*edit* forgot to add these are the specs on the Blackouts LoL thought my reply looked odd, only took me a few hours to realize what was missing.
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Olla, sry for bringing up this old thread but as I was searching the internet for some information about the swap, I found no confirmation at all. So for everybody else searching like me: yes, the pick-ups can be swapped without any further changes to the electronics if both guitars have the same setup. I wrote to SD first, got the confirmation and did then the swap and except that the tone pot does not seem to work anymore in the guitar with the EMG wiring (I do not use it anyway so no problem for me) the PUs work fine.

However you have to be careful with the dimensions of both pickups because contrary to the schemes THEY ARE NOT THE SAME SIZE! The AHBs are a tad smaller in width and length, maybe by 1 mm (I made a direct comparison holding one against another). And this difference turned indeed out to be an issue for me: I took my SD AHB-1 set out of my Ibanez RG1570 (they were a replacement for the factory passives by Ibanez) and put them into my new LTD M-1000 which I am going to use as my main guitar (because compared to the SDs the EMGs just sound like shit to me for high gain). But when I was about to put the EMGs into the Ibanez, they would not fit. I really had to use a hammer and on the edges of both cavities a bit of guitar paint went off (there was no other way to get them in). So this is to warn you guys who are thinking about putting EMGs into an Ibanez with cavities for passive PUs (at least into a 2003 model 1570, I do not know about the rest).

The last thing I wanted to and already did mention: if you play metal with high gain and want to do yourself a favor, buy the SDs. After using them for a couple of years I was so disappointed when I heard the EMG 81s. I was asking myself: WTF? Maybe for some hard rock or heavy metal they are ok, I suppose they can do great with a screaming British type of sound, but they made my 808 overdriven Mesa single rectifier sound like a Peavey Valveking. The SDs have a much higher output, an overall richer, more complex tone, and much less unwanted feedbacks and noise. On the other hand the EMGs are surely better with clean tones.

I hope this information will be useful to somebody who will be searching for it.

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Cool that the swap works and that the connecters are the same. Kinda surprised it's not as well known now.