Hello good people!

Got myself a nice old Boss CS-2 today and i have some questions about the controls on it.

Compared to a normal rack unit and after reading the manual I suppose it's like this:

Attack = Attack (and release decreases when we increase the attack)
Level = Make-up Gain
Sustain is some weird combo of Threshold and Ratio with long 'sustain' (lower threshold?) at one end and limiter (high ratio?) at the other end

So.. help me understand the Sustain control please.

Btw, is this an upward or a downward compressor?
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Well, i've always thought of sustain on comp pedals to be how long the effect lasts for. I.e. low sustain means it stops compressing after a shorter period of time.

Not sure about the CS-2 for the upward/downward thing.
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Its simple really, sustain is amount of compression. Turn it up get more squish and sustain, but to much and it can add noise or start to distort. Level is gonna be volume.