Bye bye cheap tickets in St Louis
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Hi. Can someone tell me which guitars are real 24 fret guitars and which are just 22 fret guitars with 2 extra frets added on?
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did a little more looking around, Congress is doing a little "antitrust" investigating.

this would seriously screw over people without lots of money if it actually went through.
Just buy direct from the venue. It's cheaper that way as it stands.
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Just buy direct from the venue. It's cheaper that way as it stands.

that would be the best way, but it might not be possible if Live Nation has their way. with them doing promotion AND some ticket sales and Ticketmaster selling tickets, if a venue takes profits away, they'll have the option to just run the venue out of business.
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There's a monopoly agency to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Least I think that's what it does.