what do you think about this guitar
v7, s1, v8 -are they any good?

Guitar Info
Your guitar was made at the
Fuji-gen Plant, Japan
Production Number: 52445

is the tremolo good on this guitar and etc.....
I have one. I have a 97 model.. Mine was made in korea though. I did also buy mine with upgraded pickups. But I had those V series in my Prestige, and they are HORRIBLE. I honestly didn't play the guitar for the first month I had because I couldn't stand the way the pickups sounded. Also, I dont know if the Japan models had a different trem on it, but mine has the Lo TRS II. Its awful. It cant go more than about 15 of playing before it goes out of tune. It could just need setup again, but I've always had a problem with the tuning stability since I bought it back 5 or 6 years go.
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i have one made in 2000...mine was made in korea though. i also switched out the stock pickups for a set of dimarzio paf pros, but the stock ones are pretty hot for stock ones in this price range, nothing to get excited about. overall its a nice guitar and if you put work into it then you wont need another one. i made mine play like the old jems by sanding the matte finish off the neck
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tremolo is the problem, it's utter shite. The rest of the guitar is good, though (or at least should be, as long as it's not been mistreated or is a lemon).
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