I'm pretty new to bass, been playing since september and it's going well but I've been using a crappy little guitar amp that I bought off someone for a fiver so I'm looking to upgrade. I've got about a £50 budget (My xmas money ) so it'll have to be something pretty cheap. I like to play metal and hard rock, if that helps.

Any ideas?
man thats pretty low dere. Um I think Rolland makes some low end amps.
I know Dean has a pocket amp for bass, like the kind you put on your belt, its about $30, I dunno what that would be in pounds.
£50 is about $80, so $30 would be like £20, that's pretty damn cheap :0
cheers though I'll have a look
You are only going to get a practice amp for that I'm afraid. My Peavey microbass sounds pretty good and has been reliable. You ought to be able to pick up a second hand one of these fairly cheaply.
Kustom KBA line has an 8", 10w combo. $80, not sure of the conversion. I've heard good things about the line. 8" speakers have a good practice sound- easier to hear the highs, so you can get more nit-picky with the sound, and get better technique faster, hypothetically.
The KBA10 is a great little practice amp. It's not really built for a great tonal range, but its a nice punchy, loud amp that is easy to carry and indestructible. And its a great deal new at 80 USD.
The Peavey Max Bass Amps are pretty good, my first amp was the original Mk1 Max bass and it has a pretty decent tone for what it is.
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Also, the acoustic B10 is good too. Only $20 more than the KBA10 new. Just that much more low end, if you're into that.
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that is not recommended, as your only amp.

I think you should save up. this is available, but I honestly don't see the point of a speaker that size. You could do better: P

Ampss like that are utter sh*te, we have loads of them at school.