on my tube amp manual it says do not place the tube amp in very cold environments.

me and my band are thinking of jamming in a garage, where it gets pretty cold at night. if we leave the amps there, during winter time it drops to around 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit, is it safe to leave them there? exactly how cold are we talking about is what im asking...
humidity is the problem id say...not so much the temperature.
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Okay, just let it warm up slowly to room temperature or you'll damage the tubes pretty rapidly.
It's often not so much temperature that damages it, as changes in temperature (think expansion/contraction).
^ yeah, its the quick expansion of the glass that causes it to crack, think of putting hot water on cold glass, same principle. Just take the amps inside with you when there not in use, it will be much safer and will keep them in better condition longer.