You're cold
but your hearts warm
you emit too much
carbon dioxide
You're pale
just like me
and you see that
you'll be alright
It's time
for you to go
just don't trust those
direction devices
They take
you away from me
will you keep the moments
I found priceless

Let's take
a walk outside
and escape
all of our plans
So Great
the day will be
when they see that
Pale is the new tan

Not happy
But you're content
you sit and stare without
there's something
that moves you
and you try
to figure out what it is
In your car
You can't dismiss
all your regrets
just give
me a call
and i'll make sure
that you're all set

I'll seem
like a much more
charming and
attractive man
I wonder
if that'd make you stay
when pale is the new tan

Just don't
let yourself be tempted
with their
melonin deception
upon further inspection
I adore your complexion now.
"The lightbrites now black and white cuz you took apart a picture that wasnt right"

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