Hey Guys,

Check out my RATM-Killing in The Name Of Cover in my profile leave comments and rate

thanks guys
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vocals were good. the guitar tone was too wet imo. it also wasnt very pronounced so it was hard to distinguish it from the background. I think this will correct itself tho with a little tweaking to the tone. overall though i thought it was good. I was expecting a train wreck when the vocals came in but they fit well.
Hey man listened to your stuff! It's really solid, try palm muting a lot more to get rid of those unwanted after note effects that seem to plague it throughout. Also, the tone - TRY a more overdriven setting if you are using a processor, or just turn it up on a regular amp. It didn't pack much punch which may very well be just your attack on the strings, try different things, but if it is going to be a perfect cover you definitely need to change the tone!
Crit mine?