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I wrote these lyrics for a school project a had to do a (long) while back (7th grade!). They were just lying around collecting dust, so i decided that instead of wasting it, I'd put it up here so that someone's looking for lyrics that are about something other than "oh, I'm soo emo" or Love!" can use it. If you were looking for a song with such topics. Here's your queue to stop reading this thread. No hard feelings.
The song's name is "Crumbling World" and it's about rights, lol. (it was for a school project, after all). The song was originally a sort of rap/singing thing (the verses were rapped and the chorus sung) so I know it might be a mouthful. Whoever's interested in using these lyrics can tweek it to their liking and do whatever with it. No copyright
If someone does make a song with these lyrics, I'd love to hear what it sounds like. You can send me a private message including the sound clip or post a link in a comment or whatever.

"Crumbling World"
Chorus: Just stop your ignorance and take a look around
Can you see how our crumbling world is falling down?
If only we could all work together
Then we'd be able to make this world better
But at this time people are being killed everyday
There right to life being tragically taken away
(know tell me!)
What's the use of having rights if no one does
Anything but watch them suffering because of someone else?

Verse1: Little girl of ten walks happily down the street
Next thing you know, Something happened that made her heart skip a beat
She saw a man creeping up on her, who was quite a bit more than twice her size
He did something so heartless, it took me by suprise
He threw her into his car and drove awawy to a remote place
then he stabbed her 1s, 2s, 3s, and left her dying in that place
Next thing he did he rode away in his car leaving the little dead girl behind
And believe me, he put her body in a place where no on could make a fin
Verse 2: People have the right to life
And the right to education
People have the right to live in a safe home and be protected from dgredation
(now tell me!)
What's he use of having rights if no one gives a finga"
For anyone else, even if there lives are in crucial danger
It's 'cause, we're all ignorant and haven't took a look around
To see how our crumbling world is falling down
No one seems to know that rights come wih responsibilities
'Cause, only with both of these can we avoid all negativites
The right to life, means not to kill
The righ to education means not to disrupt class a t your will
If everyone lived liked this, love each other and don't beat
Then I bet that 'lil girl of ten would still be walking down that street

okay people, that's it . If you by any chance are looking at this and just want to express yor opinion, please feel free to do so I like a bit a criticism

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