Allright guys this is the situation,

I'm a mid-range metal guitar player and I like the model called rhoads.
There are so many brands to choose from, I don't know wich.
You got any recomendations for brands and price information ?

Thomas V.
I'm guessing that you're referring to the offset V model?

Have you even tried to use google or another search engine!?

I really don't even understand what you're trying to ask here.

However, this is an electric guitar related thread so it belongs in EG, not in GG&A.

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Have you got a budget that we could possibly try to find you a model from? Then I would guess the next most obvious question is what type of bridge you want.
Basiccally I saw brands like LTD and Jackson, I heard Jackson is a good brand. And then looking at Matt Tucks guitar ( BFMV ), that is the model I'm searching for. But that custom guitar is rather expensive so I'm searching for a cheap solution with the same kind of guitar.
I dont want to spend more then around 400/500 dollars, I'm kinda low on the cash flow
Look, you can get yourself a jackson DK2 in that price range and I highly recommend them.
I personally have a DKMG (DK2 with EMG`s) I get it for 300 used and I love the thing.

If I could buy it again I might go with passives but its all good stuff. Great guitars those Jacksons.
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