Okay, so Carvin basically sells little kits that have all the parts for you to basically build your own custom shop guitar to an extent.. They have several different types of wood ect.. You get the drift. Ive never played a Carvin, on paper it looks like it would be super sick for around a grand or less. Im pretty sure I have the aptitude to build my own guitar BUT these little pre-made kits are just too simple to pass up and I can get it in some cool wood types, so what this post is all about is basically how does UG like Carvin guitars? I dont know what type of neck is on my Strat but I absolutely LOVE the way my strat and well most newer strats play, the neck and my hand seem to like each other so building my own guitar would mean id have to like playing it as much or more than my strat.
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well if youre like me and have a carvin store nearby, go in and try one out.

more realistically, becasue you probably dont have a carvin store nearby, yeah theyre pretty nice and sound good. if you have the money to do it id say you cant go wrong
The general opinion of UG on Carvin is that they are excellent guitars, especially for the price. But remember, the kit may be very high quality - but it is only going to be as good as you can put it together. Make sure you take your time and know how to do a nice and proper setup.