I'm getting some money coming through and I've decided I'm gonna get a setup for recording music and practicing on the pc, as my amp is quite low quality and doesn't work well with headphones. I looked through a few different solutions and have come up with two that I cannot decide between.

POD Studio GX - £61

GuitarPort XT - £120

Prices are according to Amazon. I managed to snag a GuitarPort XT for somewhere around £80 on eBay which i haven't paid for yet (and don't have to, I disconnected my paypal account..).

The prices should automatically show which one is superior but I just can't see the difference. If any of you could nudge me in the right direction I would be very grateful

Bit of background information: I have very little experience with recording, music making and the software behind it, but am quite able to pick up programs etc v quickly if I put my mind to it, it's just the technical side of things that confuses me. I don't have much equipment. Just one guitar and one low quality Marshall amp, but I wanna be able to record music and start piecing together my own songs etc.

Ideally I'd want the easiest to use, with more options for tone and pedals etc.
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I would go with the GX because it is an encoder and has Pod Farm software. I have it's older brother, the UX1.

The XT probably has more features and tweakability and would work if you have a GREAT soundcard. It looks to me that on the XT, you plug your guitar into your laptop - which may lead to lower input signal quality.

Also, lurk/ask in the Recordings and Riffs thread. Lots can learned in there.
Cheers for the advice, I posted it in there already, still waiting for some insight from those guys


So I think I've kinda decided. I put together a bit of a comparison and by the looks of things the Studio GX comes up trumps. I still don't fully understand the reason for the huge price difference though, but I think it may have something to do with the 10 free guitar lessons and Riffworks or whatever that come with the GuitarPort XT.

GuitarPort Studio GX
Guitar Amp Models 18 18
Guitar Cab Models 0 24
Bass Amp Models 0 5
Bass Cab Models 0 5
Mic Preamps 0 6
Stompbox Models 20 29
PodFarm Upgrade Yes
Gearbox Yes Yes
Model Packs Upgrade Upgrade

EDIT: I'm still wondering about people's opinions on which one to go for though
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AkiraSpectrum, I see from your sig that you have a GX. How do you have it wired up? Can you record directly through the USB and use a headset or what have you for monitoring?
I have a GX and have had it for about a year now, I use it as a soundcard for my pc. It's great for home recording, well worth the money as you get Pod Farm and Ableton with it. Basically you connect it to USB and it works as a sound input device and playback, you start up Pod Farm with your headphones or speakers plugged into the back of it (not your sound card) and away you go, Pod Farm Platinum has a bigger range of effects and amps but Pod Farm and GX are great.
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AkiraSpectrum, I see from your sig that you have a GX. How do you have it wired up? Can you record directly through the USB and use a headset or what have you for monitoring?

I just have it plugged in to the USB and turn on pod farm application and play (through headphones). I can turn on itunes and play along to songs or turn on a recording program and hit record and im recording. simple.
Cheers guys, this has all been really helpful, and I've just ordered the Studio GX! Should arrive next mon/tue, can't wait

Thanks again, and have a great new year