hey guys,

basically what I want is a song that would speed up my palm mute picking technique. What i want is a song like master of puppets from Metallica. I want something that is not at extremely high speed. My palm mute picking technique isnt enough for master of puppets also. i hate playing a song slow so if you can find me a little bit slower song i would appreciate

thanks for all,

i am already practising MoP in a slower tempo but i want a song that i can play at its regular tempo...


do you have any other ideas because i hate green day
A lot of R+ songs are palm muted. Try them.

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'Wicked Game' - HIM
'Creeping Death' - Metallica
'Wickerman' - Iron Maiden
'Kill the King' - Megadeth

Tell me if these are any help.
already playing creeping death but still it is fast, anyway guys for the past week i constantly played master of puppets, so i am fast enough now... so the result is just practice more never say enough

thanks for all the help tho