Good creative times I have right now - I have made a new piece today. I'm trying to develop my own style, so it could be pretty similar to previous works.

c4c, of course.
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As I listen:

Intro: I like the effect you had going with the Rhodes Piano. That was cool. The first riff was pretty decent too. It's catchy and gets you right into the song.

Verse: I like how you were more subtle with the guitar parts here. You kept them in the background while keeping the keys in the forefront.

Refrain: Nice idea to bring it back. No complaints.

Post Refrain: Again, you didn't really do anything different but you didn't have to. Not for this piece, anyway.

Breakdown: Pretty cool idea. It maintains that mellow atmosphere you've got going throughout the entire song.

Refrain: Same idea, but still a good idea. You varied it a little bit with that lead part near the end. You played it safe throughout this piece, not getting too crazy, but I think that's okay since you're trying to keep an atmosphere of simplicity, so I can't complain.

Very nice song gets a little repetitive and predictable in my opinion though maybe you should switch up the melody on the rhodes piano? Don't get me wrong its great but i dunno just you know gets predictable after a couple of times
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Switch up? How? I think it should be as it is, it's kind of a pair of brackets (intro & outro) in which the song is put.

@ Progbass92 - thanks