I usually put one down, then pick the other one up. Otherwise the straps and cables get all tangled up.
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Quote by Dylanj.Bailey

That is how I feel. What are you talking about? Changing guitars as in getting used to how they play and sound after playing another one or what?
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You put one down. You pick the other one up...?
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The best way to change guitars is to click your fingers in the air whilst on stage, at which point your man slave will run over to you with your new guitar, allow said man slave to remove your first guitar and unplug the cable and place the new guitar on you. Do not make any attempt to move your arms to make it easier for him, let him do all the work like a mother dressing a stroppy child. When he is done and has plugged the cable in simply nod slightly and continue to play.
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Story of the Year has changing guitars down to an art. during live shows the two guitar players throw them across the stage, they both do a backflip, take the thrown guitar from the tech standing next to them, and keep playing. it's pretty impressive. try to find a youtube video of it sometime.
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