So I've finally decided to replace the shitty 10year old speakers I have right now. I need something that can get loud, because I want to be able to play with my guitar too and when I go to overdrive I can't even hear anything with my speakers that I have right now.

After doing some research, I've come up to this.
For a subwoofer, I've decided on this
I'm pretty sure this is a great deal considering reviews, and being a #1 subwoofer on amazon.

As for the table top speakers (don't know how I call these), I was thinking these
This one, I'm not sure of. I picked this out because it has that square shape, which makes me believe it could get louder than any other.. bar-shaped speaker? But idk, I might be completely wrong..

so I want recommendations on the table top speakers please?

And.. does it matter what type I get? As in, are there separate speakers for computer/TV, or does it not matter? Also I can hook any table top speaker with a subwoofer, right? (as in they don't have to come in a set)

Edit: Price can go up more if necessary. $100 max for the table tops
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