Hey man, listened to Blindfolded, and enjoyed the guitar work a good amount. Midway through the song though my interests faded a little, but that was because of the vocal lines. At some points (and especially the key change closer to the end of the song), the vocalist doesn't convey the same mood as the song. Seems as if the "radio-friendly" aspect of the singer takes away from a potential bite. Put some more bite into the vocal lines, maybe some more solid harmonies , and get the song mastered to where the guitars are more prominent and powerful.

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The words "Radio Friendly" and "Progressive Metal" should never go together. But that doesn't change the fact that your music is pretty damn cool. I actually thought the singer fit perfectly, and made me think of Frank Sinatra. And the guitar, bass, and drums were also great. The only thing is that none of it was overly unique sounding. It was very well done, it just won't make you stand out that much among the prog-metal crowd.
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