Hi im buying a Peavey vyper 30 watt and with my old rig ive never really gotten the tone i want, what pedal or settings should i use for tones that sound like august burns red, the holly springs disaster or just as really nice hardcore tone. I was thinkin digitech metal master but i dont have the money to be buyin 50 different pedals know what im sayin ? please help me out thanks
Don't buy pedals, they all gonna sound like crap.

Just play around with the high gain amp models (XXX, JSX, Rec, 6505, K-Stein, Dzl).
There's a thing called EQ, which can get you many sounds.

Also, no settings threads.
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^ A friend of mine uses a Washburn distortion through his Vypyr 15 (which don't have switching) and I think it sounds fine.

Anyway, yeah, use the high gain models.
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