Anyone know where I can get just 2 new locking mini rotomatic tuners? I'm repairing a guitar that got busted up and I'd rather not have 4 extra tuners lying around. Especially because I hate these tuners and I don't see them often enough to have them on hand.

Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the classifieds or gear page.
Most brands dont sell as tuners individually. Im pretty sure youre gonna have to buy 6 tuners to get 2 if you want grover mini lockers.

As an option you can buy a set of 3+3 and sell me the 3 on 1 side as Im a lefty. The only way I can get 6 inline lefty grovers is to buy 2 sets of 3+3 and sell the right handed ones as a set of 6.
Actually that would work perfectly. The guitar I'm repairing is a 3+3 but the 2 broken one's are on the top.
I'll keep you informed.
Warmoth only sells 2 styles of gotoh, schaller mini lockers and planet waves. Be nice if they had a better selection.