okay, so when i plug in to play stuff, i figured out that the 1st fret on my D string sounds actually higher than the second fret, and is the same pitch as the 3rd fret on the D string. I've noticed that all the 1st frets sounds kinda muddy and all, but this occurence on the D string is the most disturbing. The first frets sound kinda weird non plugged in though, but the D string problem isnt there.

I use a EMG active pickups if that means anything
Get a pro to look at it, they'll probably do a set-up check then readjust action, intonation, bridge height etc.


you`ll get a proper response in the proper forum...EG

more than likely it`s a high spot on the fret
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There's probably a high fret or something. Get a ruler, and put it over the 3rd fret (in the direction that the strings go if you get me) and see if you can rock it. If you can, then you have a high fret. Take it to a decent guitar shop, and they'll fix it.
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