Hello people.

I have a peavey Valveking 112 - Generally a fair amp, i like it.
But I find that the overdrive tone is a bit muddy, as noted in quite a lot of reviews here on UG. So i considder upgrading the speaker.
Since i play Indie, Blues and progressive i don't want a more brutal and punchy distortion, but clearer and creamyer - but still with a prominent definition in the Tone.

Most of the reviews suggest a celestion classic 30 for metal - but does anyone have suggestions for a speaker that would meet my wishes.

My main setup is a Epi SG with high quality DiMarzios > Boss CH-1 > Modtone analoge delay > MXR micro amp > Boss OS-2.

summed up. What speaker could give me a more defined yet creamyer sound?

Thanks a lot
I'm in the same boat.

But i've been looking at the Eminence Man o War as recommended in the VK thread.
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I've heard that Vintage 30's work well for VK's. There is also the Warehouse Veteran 30, a cheaper copy of the Vintage 30 that I've heard is damn close to the V30.
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have you still got the stock tubes in?

i`d change them 1st, put some jj`s in get rid of those nasty EH and Rubys`(that alone made a hell of a difference to my vk212).

some info i found on the peavey forum regarding mods below...sorry it`s a bit long

I keep reading the same questions about this amp over & over. Here's the compilation of my experience with this amp all in one place for the noobs who keep asking, and dont believe or hear what we repeatedly offer up;

1. Pre amp tubes; The stock EH pre amp tubes are the pits IMHO, harsh and edgy, not at all complimentary to the amp. Dump em. I would recommend Mullard 12AX7 in V-1, Sovtek LPS in V-3 and whatever gives you the overdrive tone you like to hear in V2. I have a sovtek LPS in mine, and have tried Mullared re-issue, NOS phillips with good results too. You can use JJ's, Tung-sol, whatever. Stay away from the cheap sovtek wa/wb/wc. They dont enhance what the amp is capable of. If you really want the amp to sound its best, step up to a NOS Mullard CV4004 in V1. Pricey but IMHO the best there is, anywhere, in this amp and most others in this position. Mismatched is OK, even preferable. Experiment and get your amp sounding the way you want it to sound with pre amp tubes. Dont worry about getting zapped swapping tubes, only if messing with the amps internals.

2. Removing Pre amp tubes; A little tip for you. I had a helluva time working the V-1 tube out of my Valvekings(112 & 212) the first time. That little bas*&^rd was in there so tight I thought I'd never get it out. Secret:Cut yourself a little piece of that rubbery, webby stuff they put in drawers & shelves to keep stuff from sliding around. This stuff will let you get enough of a grip on the tube, hopefully, to work it back & forth gently, over & over & over, till eventually, it will allow itself to be pried from its spot. A little wd40 on the pins of the new tube will help avoid the problem to some degree the next time, or if you want to swap around with greater ease to experiment. A MAJOR pain in the butt, IMHO. Hardest tube to get out I have EVER encountered in ANY amp, bar none. You are not alone, bud. The collar covers nearly the entire tube. You need to be a contortionist. Work it! It WILL come out eventually, and if you're patient, you wont even break anything. V-1 is closest to the input jack, V3 the easiest to get at. Guess which one is V-2? LOL!

3. Power tubes; The stock Sovtek WXT+ are decent, but a tad edgy/bright. Remember they are about the cheapest available. Some on this forum like the JJ's and SED 6L6. I use the Tungsol KT66's. IMHO, there is no 6L6 that can match the tone of these, and my amp kills. Great cleans, great OD, quiet, no humming. Apparently, not all KT's will work safely due to current draw and potential damage to the power transformer. The tungsol & Sovtek KT's are direct replacement for 6L6, and they WILL work. I got those tube spring retainers for my KT's. Dont forget to put the retainers screws back in the tube bases since they hold the bases in. The cage & bear trap tube retainers must go for the KT's to fit. As for tone, YMMV. KT66's WILL NOT FIT IN THE 212 & VK100, they're too big. The power tubes should be a matched pair, and they DO NOT need to be biased. Plug & play.

4. Speaker; I happen to like the stock speaker, but I had to learn a bit about the amp before I was satisfied with it. A couple of my guitars made it fart out on the bottom 4 or 5 notes. At first I just didnt use them with the amp, then I tried the bright button; Farting issue solved.

5. Feedback issues; If you have your gain on 8-10, master on 8-10 and the boost & loudness on, the amp is going to feedback and sound really bad in most circumstances. If this describes your settings and problem, you have got the wrong amp(not enough power) and are most likely deaf anyhow. What?

6. Reverb issues; If you have the reverb control set above half way and the reverb sounds crappy, DUH! You have it set too danged high. Forum members have swapped out reverb tanks with some positive results. but if you set ANY spring reverb on most amps above half way they too will not sound good. DONT tighten down the screws, it's supposed to float. Make sure the plugs are in all the way. Beyond that, if you dont like it, get a pedal and run it in the loop.

7. Unhappy Metal players; though capable of some metal tones, this is not a metal amp per se. Not enough power, not the kind of gain you might seek. You can put a pedal in front of it, but you'd be happier with a 6505 or XXX. They have the power and are designed more for your style of music. If you bought the amp because it was the only tube amp you could afford, and you have it cranked to the max, you bought the wrong amp. See #5 above.

8. The problems I have must be because it's made in China; Preposterous. Where is your beloved HD big screen TV made? If your amp happens to actually be defective, after checking out the above, sorry. But I have owned many of these, currently have the 112 & 212, and I like both. Havent had a problem yet that couldnt be solved with tube swaps or simple maintenance. IF the 212 could handle KT66's I'd be happier, but THEY WONT FIT IN THE 212 or VK100.

9. Texture a/b dial; I run mine at full a/b setting. IMHO the A setting robs the amp of all its tone and sounds constipated. I like the speaker loose. Just me, YMMV.

10. Design flaws; The only ones I can point to are the jewel light is red so you cant swap out the color, and when you plug an ext. cab into the amp, it cuts off the internal speaker. This is really the only serious flaw I find in the amp, and only applies to the 112. Peavey, fix these two things and the amp approaches perfection, IMHO.

In conclusion, this is a great and versatile amp. It is not the best amp ever made, and is not capable of everything in the world. It is very versatile, and each guitar seem to like a slightly different setting. It is super adjustable. ADJUST IT! Try the tubes recommended, work with the amps settings, twist the dials and LISTEN. What you think you know about other amps may not apply here, it is its own animal. It may not be for you, but if you think not, try again. The tone you want is most likely in there somewhere. That has been my experience. Hope this covers most of it, and hope this helps some of you.
It turns out that my ValveKing has Tung-sol 6L6GC-STR 's in stock - certanly not gonna change them out.
try an eminence texas heat
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Check the Wiki in my sig for information regarding the Valveking series.

Also, try the VK thread.

I'd suggest some sort of V30 clone...
I had a Veteran30 from WarehouseGuitarSpeakers, and it was great.
Others to consider are the Eminence Governor, Texas Heat, and V12 Legend (16-ohm, if you can find it.

Also, consider changing your preamp tubes. The Tungsol power tubes are quite good, but for smoothness and more definition, you probably want some new preamp tubes.

Remember to do the free mods, too!
I'd suggest you have a look at all of the aforementioned Eminence speakers (I'm on a huge Eminence kick right now) as well as the Wizard.
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Choice of speakers comes down to what type of music your playing.

I put a Eminence Texas Heat in mine and I'm happy with it. I play rock,
hard rock and blues. For that this speaker is great.

For more information on what speakers work well and a tutorial on how
to change your speaker in a VK 112 visit this page.


As far as tubes go there are many many combinations that work well. The stock EH ones are not one of them. I put a Tung Sol 12AX7 in V1 a Jan Philips 5751 in V2 (cuts down the gain slightly. About 5 to 10%) and a Groove tubes 12AX7 in V3. If I you want better cleans with a higher breakup point you might try a 5751 or a 12AT7 in V1. Most people in the VK thread seem to like the JJ 6L6GC tubes. I myself like the stock Ruby tubes 6L6GC to me the sound a little warmer than the JJ's.
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yeah yeah yeah,..

As i wrote, i don't search more power or punchyer distortion.
Think i will bust a Jensen Alnico into it.

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