Hello people.

I have a peavey Valveking 112 - Generally a fair amp, i like it.
But I find that the overdrive tone is a bit muddy, as noted in quite a lot of reviews here on UG. So i considder upgrading the speaker.
Since i play Indie, Blues and progressive i don't want a more brutal and punchy distortion, but clearer and creamyer - but still with a prominent definition in the Tone.

Most of the reviews suggest a celestion classic 30 for metal - but does anyone have suggestions for a speaker that would meet my wishes.

My main setup is a Epi SG with high quality DiMarzios > Boss CH-1 > Modtone analoge delay > MXR micro amp > Boss OS-2.

summed up. What speaker could give me a more defined yet creamyer sound?

Thanks a lot
Vintage 30 is a very versatile speaker and goes well with the Valveking. Also consider the WGS Veteran 30; it's a Vintage 30 clone, and it's what I have in my VK. Costs about half of what a new Vintage 30 would cost and it also doesn't have the "ice pick" effect that new Vintage 30s have before they're broken in.

I play everything from jazz and blues, to post-rock, to shred, to thrash metal, and this speaker suits my needs.
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