So i bought a pair of gibson dirty fingers pickups to throw into my ibanez RG4EX1


It came stock with the INF 3, 3s and 4 pickups, and i wanted to replace the two humbuckers and keep the stock single coil (for now). The guitar has a 5 way switch that blends the middle pickup and splits either humbucker in the 2 and 4 position. I already have a pretty unique setup on the ax; i pulled the tone pot and added a non-latching momentary button and a diode. I know that the dirty fingers can be split (they come stock on epiphone prophecy guitars with a coil tap), but i'm not sure exactly which wire needs to go where. I have the black and bare going to ground, and then im lost. The gibson diagram says that i should have the red wire going to the volume pot, but that isn't how the stock pickups were set up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Edit: My pickups are wired like this, minus the tone pot. My wire colors are different but they all go to the same places

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