So, hello people. I have some loose cash, and i decided to buy a vintage-sounding fuzz pedal. I'm looking for a Hendrix-like fuzz sound. My budget is up to 100$, or 70EUR. So thanks everyone in advance.
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biiiiiiig muff! is the obvious option
dunlop fuzz face are nice too

its all personal preference tho dude!

The Big Muff sucks ass as a Hendrix type fuzz. I suggest that you either build your own Fuzz Face clone or save up for one of the nicer Fuzz Face clones. I highly recommend the MJM London fuzz.
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E-mail Jim from R3FX.com. He makes a Fuzz Factory clone pedal for $120 USD. It sounds amazing! He doesn't have it listed on the website though, that's why I said e-mail him. That's just my recommendation though.

EDIT: Ask about international shipping. I'm sure he can do it but it'll just cost extra for you.


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Any fuzz cloners that ship to Lithuania?
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