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I've started playin solo gigs over the summer. Now that I've been doin it a little while, I'm feelin pretty comfortable and getting some really good response. Since I started I have always played sitting down (usually just bar gigs). Last week i tried playing standing up a few times. I feel like i sing a little better standing up, but i don't feel quite as comfortable. Honestly i feel kinda goofy. What do yall think?
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sitting down makes a solo acoustic look better to me, If its slow then sit, If its a fast song that you can get the groove on, Stand up. make the people feel your performance!
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usually done sitting down but it doesn't really matter, so do it whichever way is more comfortable
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You generally DO sing better standing up, it allows for more air intake/etc.

Personally (as in, how I've always viewed people performing this way) it doesn't really matter. That's just me though.
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I'd sit on a tall stool. Just keep your back straight, and don't bend over the guitar, and your singing will be fine.
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either way is perfectly acceptable
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Generally, I sit on a bar stool. Whatever way is more comfortable for you.
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Standing is generally better for your voice, but as long as you sit up straight, you should be fine. I'd say sit on the bar stool or something. Acoustic performances just aren't the same with the artist standing up.
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I think it depends what style of music you're playing. If you're playing slow country songs, then I'd sit. If you're playing more upbeat indie music then you could stand.
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I think if it is acoustic, then you should sit down. It gives a softer kind of mood.
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Id say sit down whatever. Acoustic always strikes me as more intimate really. Plus standin with an acoustic i always find awkward.
It does heavily depend upon what you're playing. Intricately fingerpicked celtic folk pieces would probably work better sitting down. Straight up strumming would be fine standing.
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Honestly, it depends on what you are more comfortable with. There really is no right or wrong answer, just whichever works for you. Sometimes sitting down gives a more "intimate" feel, if that makes sense. However, if you are standing it will allow you to have better form and breath support.
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either way is fine. Richie havens sat down whilst playing freedom at woodstock- and that is one of the most powerful songs ever written from that era of folk music (IMHO)