So I just got my bonus, And I'm stationed pretty far from home right now....

Anyways i'm looking to spend up to 1500 for a new guitar set-up. I was looking at the Gibson Silverburst. Then a buddy mentioned a hellraiser solo6.

Of course its all going to come down to me actually playing them at the store for the final decision, but any help would help.....

I also need a new Amp, I've been pretty fond of the Vox amps but I'm wouldntmmind straying away from them for now.

Any help would be appreciated. I kinda want a Tool/ or Chevelle type of sound.

Mesa boogies are expensive but they sounds like what ur lookin for...or even a VHT. a guitar Im lookin at is the new Jimmy page Sig 2
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ESP LTD ec-1000?
The gibson looks REALLY though :P
It'll probably just come down to whatever you find feels the best =)
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a guitar Im lookin at is the new Jimmy page Sig 2

it's 10000$...
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If the $1500 is for a guitar and amp, you won't be able to get a good amp with the Gibson. If what you want is a Les Paul shape, I recommend the second guitar on this page: http://espguitars.com/guitars_ec.html

or the third one on this page (same specs except it looks shinier):
I second this. The EC-401 will give you more $$ to spend on a good amp. Maybe a Bugera or a cheap used MESA if you get lucky.
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$1500 for guitar and amp? If so then whats your split for guitar and for amp? I'd recommend spending something like 700-800 on an amp and the rest on your guitar.

For the guitar just a few questions will help others find the guitar.

What type of bridge do you want?
What type of neck joint do you want?
What pickup layout?
What type of pickups?
What woods?
How many frets?
Anything else?
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it's 10000$...

.....what did it say before you edited it..... and 10 G's for a guitar that JImmy Page himself agged...plus its by far the most badass Les paul there is with all the customizations ive dream of....besides it'll only go up in value throu the years Its a gibby
White/Cream Faded 1966 Stratocaster
100 Watt All-Tube JVM410H
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