I'm not sure what happened to the "Only What Gear" thread (or something like that) so here goes.

I've been playing a Peavey Raptor for the 2 years that I've been playing guitar and since I'm starting to see a huge improvement in my playing and I'm starting to get busier at work, I think I owe it to myself to get a new guitar.

I'm looking for something similar to what I had, but obviously something that sounds better. Rather than dig through 1000's of potentional guitars online to find exactly what I want, I was hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

Things I'm looking for:
Humbucker pickups
25.5" Scale
24 frets
C-Shaped neck (or something thin)
Fixed bridge
Set Neck

White body
6 in-a-line tuners

I realize it'll probably be an Ibanez but trying to find once that matches these specs (and without a trem) is pretty difficult. My budget is 500-1500 (CDN), I'm looking for a cheaper backup guitar (the cosmestics don't matter) and a more expensive one that will be my main axe. Thanks for the help.