Hey all,

I want to get a guitar pedal to use at rehearsal and possibly gigs. I don't have the money to really build a pedal board.

I'm interested in the Boss OD-20...the online demos sound amazing but I'm terrified of multi-effects pedals. I used to own a Zoom (low end) Multi effects pedal and it completely destroyed my tone. I've heard horror stories about multi-effects but never the OD-20.

Any pointers? Or bits of advice? I play everything from Metallica to the Tragically Hip to AC/DC.

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What amp are you currently playing through?

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what amp? what kind of effect are you looking for? I generally say don't use multi-fx. I have never tried one I liked more than my board.
I have a Cube 30 to practice on at home but at the Rehearsal area I rent I'd be playing through a Marshall or Krank Halfstack (head unknown)
Rocking the free world one step at a time!