I want something that is high quality, but it doesn't have to be amazing, does anybody know good shops/websites in the UK where I can get these specific things?
you could try line6 stuff like the guitarport or toneport. I have a guitar port myself and its not bad at all, u get 2 programs with it depending on the package. One is Riffworks which u can just record riffs and stuff but its abit cheap but good for beginners. The other is Gearbox which gives u your sound, u can choose different tones and change them, its pretty good. You can download more tones from the line6 website aswell.

Heres a few products:


Epiphone Wilshire
Orange Rocker 30
Harley Benton 212 (w/Greenbacks)
Ernie Ball Vp jr
Swollen Pickle fuzz
Maxon OD808
Danelectro Vibe
Line 6 Tap Tremolo
Line 6 Verbzilla
EH Memory Man Hazarai
Boss RC20XL

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