Hey I've been recording my band lately, and I feel like the quality (not the performance) of the vocal recordings are the one thing that seems a little less...quality if that makes sense.

I'm using a presonus firepod and and MXL 990 at the moment. Someone mentioned getting a preamp, but the firepod has preamps, yeah? I don't know tons about things, so I'm trying to get some guidance.

I've got a little bit of money to spare (not a ton though), so I was wondering if a preamp is the way to go? If so, which do you suggest?
I'm not looking to spend over $200 for anything, and of course, the cheaper the better. Just trying to figure out what the weak link is in my recording chain.

Thanks in advance.
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Maybe a good compressor would do you good.

Everywhere I've read says that there's no point in compressing during recording, since you can do it during mixing just as well without it being irreversible. But maybe you meant software, and that's something to consider I guess. I didn't experiment much with it on the first EP we did.
990's the weakest link in there...

look at some Audio Technica mics. the AT2020 is $99, and is great for the price, but isn't THAT much of a step up (but is for sure a step up). I would try to save up a bit more and get the AT4040.

EDIT: compression's really not going to help with your problem. yes, it'll sound better in the mixing, but your recordings should sound good before you add any kind of processing.
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