I'm new to world of guitar modding. I know I will also sound like a complete idiot aswell but as long as I find out the answers I don't really mind. Soon enough I'll have my hands on an Ibanez 1570L and i've been shopping around the net for pickups, listening to samples of them ect. and i've got my eye on four different ones. I'm not sure whether certain guitars only take certain pickups or not, like if I got a strat-style pick up would it fit in my ibanez? Also is it ok to mix and match different types of pick-up or would it either not fit, or sound terrible?
(the set up i'm thinking of is: (Dean Hands Without Shadows MAB, Seymour Duncan EVH. And then a Dean Baker Act or Dimarzio Evolution 2)
any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated
I mainly play rock and metal
thanks, HairMetal-IsGod
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if its front routed (no pickguard) you can only use what will fit in the holes (unless you want to rout and refinish

of its got a pickguard, and a pool rout, you can use pretty much anything in there.
though if it's got a pickguard, it might be HSH routed, but that doesnt mean you cant put SSS, or HSS pickups in there.
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If Google has not failed me, the 1570 is an HSH setup. This means that it is a Humbucker-Single Coil-Humbucker. Humbuckers, in general, are universal in size (except PAFs, but neither of yours are PAFs, so I wouldn't worry). Single Coils are also nearly universal, except for a few special ones. P90s are similar to single coils, but are considerably fatter.

As for mixing and matching, you should be fine, although you may notcie some volume drop between them depending on output levels.
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Yeah i've played it, and the pickups aren't too bad but I want to see what the others can do and what they can bring to the playingfield, but because i'm left handed getting hold of a guitar to try, with the specific pick-ups i'm after, is nigh impossible. I figured the deans would go together just fine, i'm just glad that they will hopefully all fit into the Ibanez. thanks guys you've been very helpful
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