Hey guys! Got my Engl Invader 100 this week, and finally put together my itty bitty studio in my room. Definitely made of win and pwn.

Check out clip on my profile. <<<<(CLICK MY NAME TO THE LEFT)

I recorded this little clip in about an hour just to test out the recorded tone of the amp. Clip is called "Meshuggah-y bit 1.0" and it's just a quick recording of a riff I made up and a few layers over top of it, with MIDI drums courtesy of DFH. There is minimal post processing on the guitars.

This is the second thing I've ever really recorded seriously, so don't hate too much boys.

It's pretty sweet. Besides the fireball its the only Engl I've tried to be honest. I like the variety of sounds that you can make out of it. The louder you crank it the more awesome it becomes. I've heard from some people that they think the savages or invaders are better, I don't know though.