First off, hi there! Usual story here, long time reader, first time poster. SO, my dilemma:

I have recently been in the market (well, the ebay-market) for a multi-effects pedal box. However, on returning to see the parents over christmas, I discovered that my Dad has a set of old Boss pedals which he hasn't used in years. He has DS-2 Turbo Distortion, CS-3 Compression Sustainer, and CE-5 Chorus Ensemble.

They all seem to be in working order, though the Compression Sustainer lets out a faint hissing/ringing when nothing is being played, or when playing more quietly.
So my dilemma is this: do i sell the pedals on ebay to fund a multi-effects set or build from here?

One possibility may be to sell 2 of them, but keep the distortion (i've heard the distortion is lacking on most multi-effects sets). either way. what would your decision be?

quick note: i play various styles of music, blues/rock/acoustic/folk/country/indie (but not metal or anything like that)
so i play a decent range of music, and actually what triggered my looking for pedals was starting up a new experimental/indie band, in the sense of animal collective/yeasayer (i know im gonna get stick for that on these forums), where i figured the pedals would come in useful. however that also means im also in the market for a midi keyboard, so keeping the pedals would save money there.....

sorry that was so vague. as you can see im very confused. so any help would be great.

Are they made in Japan or Taiwan?
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Compressor/Sustainers tend to be a little noisy. This is especially true when you're not playing, since they're trying to boost a nonexistent signal. That one might be dirty though - it'd make the problem worse.

Personally, I'd keep the Sustainer and Chorus Ensemble. The CE-5 may or may not be your cup of tea, but it's awesome if it is. The Turbo Distortion doesn't suck. It's not awesome, but it doesn't suck. That's another 'if you like it' thing.

I'd just build on what you have. I'd consider a phase shifter (I like MXR myself) and a delay (Carbon Copy, MXR again), and probably a fuzz of some sort. Wah if you need it.

The quality of the effects from a nicer multi-unit isn't bad (reverb and distortion aside), but they tend to sound less vibrant and lifelike than the real pedals. Maybe not a big deal for some music, but it's a serious issue to consider when playing a style of music known for being raw and lo-fi.

You could also try to cheap Danelectro pedals to see what you like. That's a great way to get into effects. The little plastic ones named after food all suck, but they give you a good enough idea of what the effect sounds like to decide if you want a real one or not. If you decide you don't like it, you won't lose much selling the plastic guy. The metal ones (cool cat series) are actually pretty solid for the money (I especially like the transparent overdrive), but you'll take a little hit selling them if you pick wrong. Still a good buy if you feel lucky though.
thanks for the replies.

firstly; they're made in Taiwan.

now, i like the Chorus and distortion enough to keep them, i think i need to figure the sustainer out to really figure what's going on with that one.

additionally, my amp isn't a great one, (the MG50dfx), so it has some basic chorus/flange/delay in, with a separate reverb. and from using that i know i love Delay, and reverb is just so flexible I can always see finding a use for it. so maybe i need those? ima google it, but what does a phase shifter do?

are there any other opinions on the individual vs multi argument, when considering that i already have 3 pedals to either build from/sell??

thanks so much for the replies so far.
Use youtube and just type in phase shifter.
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Phase shifter, chorus, and flanger all do essentially the same thing. But at different speeds, and in a slightly different way. I like the phaser the best, but the other two are good too.