Hello all, New to the forum, and new to guitar...

I've started trying to learn guitar, and got stuck on chording (yes i know, wow that was early) But i am seeking ANY advice on Fretting, Chording, or Fingering, whichever way you'd like to put it.

I've been having problems reaching even the simplest of chords, without touching and therefore muting strings. Is this typical or am I a natural Non-player? It seems that no matter how i situate my hand (following correct posture and technique according to the book I'm learning from, as well as numerous online videos.) I just cant seem to "keep it clean"
i had this problem too, you just gotta keep practicing and strengthen your fingers. they will eventually be able to stretch far enough to fret chords.
it's normal, everyone deals with it. you just have to practice a lot so it becomes more natural
Same as everyone else has said. Just practice and you'll get better. Start with very simple chords so you can concentrate on only a few or 1 finger at a time. Make sure your fingernails are short as well.
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it's normal, everyone deals with it. you just have to practice a lot so it becomes more natural

Thanks guys! I'm not new to music, been singing since i could talk.... but love the sound, and versatility of a guitar... as many beginners say, my aspirations are naturally to succeed, and possibly make a career of it..... LONG time down the road i know, but it helps when ya get frustrated!
Everyone's a "natural non-player" when they start, it does take a while for the guitar to stop feeling like an out-of-place lump of wood.
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Just keep practicing. Gradually you will stop muting strings and play cleanly. I used to be terrible for muting strings on C, A and Am chords. Now it is all fine.