So, I've been recording with Audacity. I hit Export As MP3, but it's saying it's gotta use LAME. My computer is way too full to download anny new programs. Is there any other way I can export my files?
Audacity's LAME encoder is not a program but a tiny plugin file.
If your computer is really full it's probably running very slow and you should think about buying an external hard drive to back up to each weekend and then reformat the computer to get it back up to speed.

I reformat 1-2 times a year to keep up to speed but this is excessive for an every day home user.

Reformatting at this time would also give you the ability to do a clean install to Windows 7, the best OS by Microsoft yet!

To get to the LAME encoder, press "Other downloads" on this page:

select the program you are using and the OS you have and you should be able to download the file to your desktop and run/install it.
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