I was at a local music store called Ted Brown and I asked to try their pedals. I dont know much about them but I wanted to try a delay one.
I asked, "Can i try the DD3 Pedal?" (I think that was it)
And he told me "It will delay. Its a delay pedal"
Then he segwayed into a bunch of crap like "If you try it here, it will delay. If you buy it and take it home, it will delay."

Then I left. I probably would have bought it if I thought it was fun to play guitar with but I'll try at guitar center. Maybe.

Will they let me try them, you guys think?
Practically every store will let you try stuff. That guy's a jack ass and I'd never go back there again.
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yes they will definitely let you try them, and i don't think you should be going to that other store, they sound like complete dicks
My guitar center has these giant cubicles and the guitar is wired to the cubicle.

Each side of the cubicle has about 30 pedals. All you do is pick up the guitar and hit the pedal button and it plays out the speakers. Its pretty sweet, they have every pedal on the cubicles.
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Wow, I would have given that guy an earful if it were me. Yes, any decent guitar shop will let you try their pedals.
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thanks guys. i was like wtf? you guys really expect people to buy these $150+ pedals without trying them?
I'm definitely not going there anymore. they have shit service anyway.
Wow **** that guy. What a dick.

Guitar Center, or practically any other store, will let you try their stuff out before you buy it.


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How ironic, I just bought a used DD-3 from Guitar Center yesterday, except they let me try it out. I agree, what an asshole.
In all honesty, they need to stop letting idiot assholes own/work at guitar shops. Any decent owner or employee would let you try a pedal, especially if you show interest in buying. Also, he knows nothing about gear if he thinks there is no difference in delays.. Guitar Center will let you do just about anything when it comes to trying gear out. All of their floor equipment is insured (or so i hear) so they dont have to really worry about kids breaking stuff.

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You better click that bastard.

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