This is a progressive/djent sounding song similar in style to bands like Sikth and Periphery.

This is only my 3rd attempt at recording/mixing so the quality isn't all that great. Any comments and/or advice are appreciated.

The song is called "Djent", I know very original right.

Quote by enselmis
Hey dude, wanna start an online group!! I posted a djenty song an hour ago as well!!

Yeah sure dude why not, I'm down for it. By the way is that actually you that covered that Guthrie Govan song? that's amazing
Yeah that was me. I just sort of one taked that one a few months back with crappy gear. Took about a week to get down. My recording set up is wayyy better now.
That's tight dude. And you have and Engl Invader and an Orange cab nice. That's basically my dream gear right there. Too bad I'm broke all of my gear sucks my only decent piece of gear is my Ibanez Prestige.
Anyways if you're serious about starting an online group just let me know so we can get started.