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50 19%
51 19%
77 29%
30 11%
22 8%
34 13%
Voters: 264.
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Just out of curiosity, how many instruments do you play?

I play guitar, clarinet, saxaphone, flute, piano, drum set and xylophone.
I have played clarinet longest, 6 years.
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Just out of curiosity, how many instruments do you play?

I play guitar, clarinet, saxaphone, flute, drum set and xylophone.
I have played clarinet longest, 6 years.

also its not the quantity but the quality that counts
mainly a piano player and a bassist but i've been known to dabble in guitar, mandolin, bango, drums and the triangle.
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
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I play drums and guitar mostly, but I am capable of playing flute and piano. I have been know to play bass as well, but I play like a guitarist, not a bassist, so I don't really count it.
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Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet (longest - 6 years), all the different variations of the trumpet (flugel horn, cornet etc. don't really count but meh) a bit of piano, ukulele, ocarina, tin whistle/recorder, harmonica...

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guitar, bass, drums, piano somewhat, mallet percussion somewhat. Use to be able to play trumpet, maybe I still can?
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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

No mayonnaise is not an instrument

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Guitar and piano.
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Ocarina, guitar, baritone. not great at any of them though....
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Well, if it's quality that counts, I'll assume vocals counts. So: guitar, piano, banjo, drums, vocals.
Well, guitar is my main instrument.
I can play piano, drum kit and bass competently.
I played cello and the recorder in primary school, but I've forgotten now.
I can also play percussion instruments fairly well.

All in all, I'd say the only instrument I really play with dedication is the guitar, but I'd make my answer 4; guitar, piano, drums, bass.
I can play the guitar with some degree of skill.

I am also capable of playing trombone and harmonica but to a much lesser degree.

I understand the concept of drumming.

So I guess 1.
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Guitar, bass, and keyboard. I've dabbled in playing harmonica, drums, trombone (Jr. High band), and Saxophone (also Jr. High band) but idk if you'd actually count those since i don't play them anymore. SO I put 3
I play bass fairly well, guitar horribly...I played bassoon for six years and could probably pick it back up easily, but I haven't had access to one in four years or so. So 2 or 3.
I can play guitar, bass, drums, piano, I can sing, and to a much lesser degree dabble at playing the saxophone.
I play guitar and sing. I used to play piano. I can lay down a beat on a drumset, and I can play a bass if you give me one. But the only instruments that I really play are guitar and my voice, if that counts as an instrument.
Guitar and bass.

I want to learn drums and piano too, however I can't right now since I'm practically broke.
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Guitar and Trumpet for me.

I attempt drums and piano and bass, but I didnt count those since I havent taken the time to actually get past the very basic stuff.
I play guitar primarily, and with the greatest amount of skill.

I play bass, piano, and flute fairly well, and I play drums decently.

Edit: I also sing, forgot about that one.

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Guitar,bass,keyboard.In that order.
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Guitar, bass and saxophone.
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So, are we going with instruments we can actually play, or instruments we can actually play plus instruments we occasionally fuck around on?

I seriously doubt 30% of people in this poll know their way around 4 or more instruments. I'm guessing it's just a case of 'I can play guitar, therefore I think I can play bass'.

Anyway, I play piano and violin. I play guitar and fretless bass and know my way around but have never had any proper training. I'm also having vocal lessons and I'm a bass in a Classical choir.
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I hate these threads because people tend to list every instrument they've ever dicked around with for 5 minutes.

I can only play 3 with any degree of skill. Piano, guitar and flute. I don't count bass because it is close enough to guitar that you can generally play them both if you play one.

Also, shit like ukulele, harmonica, and didgeridoo don't count as they are instruments anybody can learn in a few hours.

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Guitar, piano and trumpet.

Classically trained in the trumpet :-)
I play guitar, though Im not amazing. I used to be first chair trumpet for a while, but a neuromuscular disease caused my fingers to not be able to keep up, and I had to trade it for percussion. I was head of the drumline at my HS this year, so I guess around 2.5? I dabble in bass when one is available, but that doesnt count...
I'm kinda one of those guys that can pick up almost any instrument and get a pretty good tune out of it. Apart from most brass instruments and instruments played with a bow, (which I can always pluck, like a double bass) I can pretty much handle anything else.
I've found that rather than familiarising myself with certain instruments, it's better to familiarise myself with 'groups' of instruments.

For instance, I can play piano fairly well, but I can also play harpsichord, synth, or even accordian to a certain extent.
I can play a guitar, but I can also play a bass, or a mandolin, or a ukalele.
I can play a flute, but I can also play a recorder, or a penny whistle, or an ocarina.

It's just a case of familiarising yourself to each individual instrument's particular quirks.
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