hey guys. just wondering, for the JMP master volumes, are there differences between the ones that were made in different years?

1975 JMP mv
1976 JMP mv
1977 JMP mv
1978 JMP mv
1979 JMP mv
1980 JMP mv

i believe they cut the production of these after 1980. i've heard that the earlier ones were made with less gain. is that true? also, are the early JCM 800's (i.e. 1981) basically the same as the JMP's?


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PM Andrew (al112987) he is one of our local marshall guys. try gabel also.
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When Marshall changed from JMPs to the JCM 800s, it was pretty much just a cosmetic update. I couldn't give you a positive answer about the difference in years for the JMPs, though.