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Thoughts? Looking for metalcore, death, etc., though some capability for clean/blues would be nice. Currently playing a Squier Tele copy, which is sort of intolerable for the sound I want, and a low-end Ibanez, which is better but not ideal; and I want a little holiday treat . Amp is an older Fender, nothing special but it gets me through the day. These two look like good candidates...does anyone know of any crippling flaws with either? I'm attracted by their nice pups and materials. They're on the high end of my budget, so anything much more expensive isn't really an option.

I was also wondering about the difference between the 400 and 401 Vipers.
Quote by Brave Moonlight
They both have EMG's which completely kills it.

You mean kills the ability to do anything but heavy distortion? Damn, didn't realize they were so specialized. Do you think clean would sound downright BAD, or just not optimal? I don't need perfection. I guess a better way of putting it would be...will these sound worse clean than off-brand single-coils, the kind you find on Squiers, Epiphones, etc.?

Anyway, I can always change the pickups, so leaving them aside, what about the more intrinsic qualities of these two models?
i might be crazy, but i heard that some emgs have decent cleans.. that might be the hellraiser with the coil tap though..