Hey guys (and gals?), I'm primarily an acoustic player, but I've recently been interested in using some effects in my music. I was inspired by Damien Rice and John Butler as well as some local musicians that I've seen recently. From my research, I know Damien Rice uses the Pro Co Rat and he runs his signal through a line selector and other effects. John Butler uses two outputs and runs his overdrive and distortion stuff through a Marshall half stack. I'm just planning on using 1 output through a DI.

I've been experimenting lately with an overdrive pedal, but I think it would sound a little better with a regular distortion. Right now my signal is Guitar->Boss TU-2->Washburn Overdrive->L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI. The overdrive pedal just doesn't sound as full or rich through the PA. Should I try the Pro Co rat? Or is there something better out there?

My second question is concerning cables. I use cheap $15 Livewire cables for my guitar to my tuner and even cheaper patch and XLR cables. I was thinking about checking some Monster cables out? I also heard that making them is relatively easy. Any advice here would be wonderful as well. Thanks in advance.
i personally love overdrive pedals more than distortion pedals because they sound fuller, you sure you have a decent overdrive?
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The Od-2 has dist and Overdrive, but I think they booth suck. Might wanna give it a try though. Every Acoustic is different
I do not use a soundhole pickup. Just the under the saddle one. And no my overdrive pedal is not great, so that could be it. I just thought that it didn't sound great through the PA. It sounds decent with my strat through my tube amp.
Ohhh. No I don't use one of those either, but I've heard of them. They're worth it? I may have to go pick one up soon. Thanks a lot.