Hey everyone! So a little while ago I posted a thread about my amp "dying", well I've done some checks and I would still like some guidance. Here are the facts so far.

-It's a Peavey VK112 50w tube amp (2 6l6gc 3 12ax7)
-It's definitely the amp--the guitar/cable/pedal all operate on my practice amp.
-I checked the fuses in the amp--nothing is burnt or dangling inside.
-Looking at the amp chassis (solder side up, I cant see the actual capacitors/resistors) nothing seems to be burnt,loose or damaged( to my knowledge).
-It makes absolutely no sound unless I plug in my metal zone pedal and crank the volume on both the amp and pedal, then you can just barely hear the notes.
-Upon pulling both the preamp and the power tubes out, shaking them and listening for some sound, nothing is loose(filament),burnt or damaged(to my unexperienced eyes).
-I want to try to slave the amp into a different( to see if the speaker is just screwed), but 2nd amp does not have an effects loop (and its a piece of crap ibanez beginner amp). I want see if its the speaker that is the problem but i dont know how.
-Same problems apply to both channels and inputs.
-Spring Reverb is disconnected if that is of any importance.

Can anyone give me some guidance, please?
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