So recently ive noticed that it will be a while until i work up to the point where my amp will function as a versatile, effect-oozing amp. So i was considering finally caving and getting a multieffect pedal. I saw a great jazz guitarist use one (Line 6 Pod Live) and it sounded pretty awesome. I am gigging, and playing through a Valveking 112 50w, unmodded. Should multi-effect processors be avoided completely? (I always believed this. trust me, its hard giving in to these intentions)

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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It's all personal preference. If you need that many effects and the tone sounds good for you, go for it.

I myself prefer individual pedals. However, i know a guy who is a very very good guitar player that chooses to plug into a nice multi effect. It's not my cup of tea, but it sounds good to him so that's all that matters.
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It's all personal preference. If you need that many effects and the tone sounds good for you, go for it.

I myself prefer individual pedals. However, i know a guy who is a very very good guitar player that chooses to plug into a nice multi effect. It's not my cup of tea, but it sounds good to him so that's all that matters.

^agree with slash4114...

I used to have a huge pedalboard with individual pedals...then I tried a G major and I loved it. I sold all my pedals (minus the few that weren't covered by the G major). Its great for me.

The one advantage to individual pedals is that you can choose from all the manufacturers and decide which effect is best for you. When yo u buy a multi fx unit...if you don't like the chorus or flanger or delay...you're kind of screwed. Thats the good part about the g major...its got a lot of parameters to tweak on each different effect.
I've been using an old Roland GP-8 for years midied up to a Quadraverb. It's extremely easy to organise effects for songs in the set and means switching multiple effects on and off simultaneously is a single stomp. It's all about organising things in an intelligent way. At first it seems like a lot of trouble but once you get it sorted it's a pleasure.
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I love my POD X3 for covering songs but I play for myself solely as a hobby. I do write music and experiment with all the effects I have in this unit. The possibilities of effects and combonations seem endless even though it was confusing getting them all organized at first. You have to learn to use whatever you get first and foremost without giving up. The fact that you aren't just plugging and playing turn people off sometimes but hey it's not for everyone. I do love having options no matter what though.
I use a PODxt for recording and playing live on the occasion that I do. If you learn how to dial in the tone right, it can actually sound really good. Then again, I've spent hours working on one tone before, but it's not like we all don't do that with individual pedals anyways.

And even in the case it doesn't sound perfect for you, you can at least get a rough idea of what types of effects/amps and such are good for you.
i use my ME-50 sometimes when i am lazy and don't feel like bringing all my pedals.

yes, it does suck the tone out of your guitar, but the sound i get from the multi fx is actually cool. i like the strange tone it gives my strat. it's cooling having all those effects on one big pedal.

it's frustrating at times cuz sometimes you just want to plug the guitar straight into the amp and get your tone back but it's still a cool investment.
I've played around with multi-effect pedals, but it just doesn't feel "real", you get me?
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hmm well im a good perfectionist of mfx... I dont say they are better over the individual pedals! I say that even if I get the dream pedalboard (which will be really big and expensive as hell!) I'll still be having an MFX pedal out there in the chain

the advantage of the MFX is that you get the All-in-one box. thew trade of here is the tone... a bit actually.. new pedals tend to be more transparent than their ancestors...
and its kinda handy if you liek experimenting and use loads of FX it's a good investment if you aint a pro (what i mean by pro is that you dont have a Jet bought with the money you earned with your music) :p
plus when jamming and rehearsing it's kinda comfortable all you do is take your processor along with your guitar/amp and there you go, you've got the Wah, delay... chorus may be... you want some reverb? why not! all in one box you dont have to bring your giant peadlboard...
they also can do some sick sounds too... and you've got the expression pedal which can control nearly any parameter meaning you can get any psycho-sound you want!! really!!!

my fav MFX are Digitechs! ive recently updated from RP250 to RP355... and it's awesome.. it's got Stomp mode which lets you to turn on/off Distortion/FX/Delay without any sound loose (not a millisecond) it's got a phrase looper, expression pedal. 2LFOs to make even more sick noises.. it's pretty tough... and its got many other futures i cant think of right now
im using it with my Morely PWA special... yet im planning on buying a metal muff and well pretty much im now buying some individuals when i have the chance.. but i'll have an MFX out there in the chain for sure

the other advantage of getting a MFX is that you can work in presets thus with only one stomp you can turn on the Distortion turn of the chorus add delay and reverb and change the settings on your EQ! all at once...!!! doing it with individual pedals you'll need either an FX bypasser or a MIDI controller which are pretty expensive!

and yes laods of players use MFX pedals.. the last one ive seen was a guy from Canada.. hmm i guess Dave Martone... pretty cool player and he was using a POD i think...
hmm there are many others tho... it's just matter of convenience and taste
Stay around $350 and above and you should be pretty happy. It's the cheap multi's that give them a bad name. I've had the boss ME 33 and an RP 300a. Those units aren't even in the same league as the higher priced units. Having said that however, don't expect to like every effect or amp model in even the more expensive units. The thing I don't like about my XT Live is the OD/Distortions. I'm ok with the rest of it. I use analog OD/Distortion and they work well with the amp models and other effects.
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I have the line6 xt live, Art ECC, and a bunch of stomp boxes, the more the better if you are an fx junky, go for it !!!!!!!!!!