I recently started playing around with effects on my acoustic, run through a Digitech JamMan looper, in order to do a more fleshed-out solo act. Basically the rig goes as follows:

Martin OOO with Fishman passive piezo pickup.
BBE Acoustimax Preamp.
Fulltone FullDrive MOSFET.
Digitech EX-7.
Aforementioned looper.
Roland AC60 with XLR line out into PA.

My question is what pedal would you all recommend for playing bass lines. I got a Digitech Whammy because I though it would do the trick, but it sounds like crap. What octave pedal would deliver the punchiest, clearest bass notes and where is the best place to put it in my signal path?
Honestly I don't have any experience in the subject, but I've heard EHXs Polyharmonic Octave generator (POG) will do the trick.
Definitely the EHX POG series. Great pedals with lots of different voicings. Flawless tracking. No glitches whatsoever.
Don't have too much experience with it myself, but I've seen a lot of artists use a simple Digitech Whammy for octave shifts. Matt Bellamy, Jack White, Tom Morello, etc...