So I just bought my first guitar with humbuckers. (Hooray for me!) It's a late model Epi Les Paul Standard. I like the feel of it, but the factory pups sound.... I don't know, weak? So I decided to give it some balls.

After reading a ton of reviews and listening to a ton of samples, I decided on Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. I went down to the local GC to get them figuring they'd have to order them, but hoping they might have them in stock.

So I finally get someone to help me, and it turns out they do have 1 Bridge PG in stock, but no neck. No big deal. I ask the guy if he can order it for me, but he recommends that I put an SD '59 in the neck "for a more balanced tone". Having also listened to, and liked the '59s, I bought it.

Being in sales myself, I know exactly what he was doing. He was adhering to the first law of retail sales. Sell what you have today. I can't fault him for it, I'd have done he same.

After all that, my question is this. Was there any truth to what he told me? I'm looking for a ZZ Top meets AC/DC kinda tone. Will these deliver? Or should I go back and ask them to order me a Pearly Gates for the neck too? Or is there another combination you'd recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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Your tone is based much more on your amp than your pickups, but they should do fine if you have a decent amp.

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I think I do, but I bought my amps based on the tone I wanted with my strat. I have a '73 Twin Reverb, and a '91 '63 Vibroverb reissue. Can't wait to try them out with my Epi.
"There is only one thing more beautiful than one guitar - Two guitars" Frederic Chopin
The '59 is a good match for the PG, I think that combination should be good.
If you haven't changed pickups before, you might be surprised at first that the pickups you change to are going to be quieter than the stock epis. Don't be fooled, the hotter ones might sound better at first outset, but just adjust the volume on your amp and listen to the clarity and harmonic content.
The first aftermarket pickups I had were PGs and I was initially disappointed because they sounded quieter. It wasn't until I realized how much more balanced and how much more character they have through a good amp that I saw the improvement.