im looking for a guitar for bout 250 bucks or less. i relly just want something good i can buy. any ideas?
That depends what kind of music you wanna play...?
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any guitar for about 250 isn't really going to be much better than what you have now... should either save up or go used

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Look for a used Jackson/Ibanez on craigslist, some of the lesser known models go really cheap.
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acoustic or electric ?
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go 4 an ibanez GRG170dx its got the HSH pick ups and its only $249.99 and it comes in black red and blue
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What's wrong with using the Ibanez Gio and ML guitar for your jazz and metal respectively?

That's whats wrong
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Check out the LTD line by ESP, they are designed for metal and can do cleans well.
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That's whats wrong

Well then use the ML for the jazz and metal then. Buying another beginners/practice guitar isn't going to be of any good to your wallet nor would be it make anything better.
I agree with mcjosh. you can get a couple different models of ltds for under 250. I think you can get an ltd f series with locking tremelo for 249.99 at musicians friend.com
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you can't get a good guitar for $250.

save to $600 and you'll have something gigable.

if you buy used have someone go with you who knows about guitars.
Its easy to get ripped off if you don't know enough.