Ok, so my main goal is to record guitar, bass and vocals to my computer. I previously thought I could use a mixer to record all these to the computer, but now ive read that it is better to use an audio interface if only recording one instrument at a time, which is what i will be doing. Now Im really confused, and am wondering if I should get an audio interface, because it doesnt seem to have a place to plug in the microphone. My main question is, will I need extra cables/adapters for an audio interface if I want to record vocals, guitar and bass, because the interfaces dont seem to have any of the right plugins. BTW I only have enough cash to afford one of the mixers down below.


Thanks for any help.
guess u read my thread lol
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Just get an Mbox mini.
Input for D.I. aswell as mic/guitar.

Comes with pro tools aswell.
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Well you're in the $25-50 range. You need to be prepared to spend at least $125-150 for a usable interface. Make sure it has an XLR connection, that's where you plug in the mic.
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yea, you should just record direct if youre only able to spend that much. Its gonna sound like crap either way